ShoesToday, I feel like a character from the movie Beetle Juice.  I am no “fashionista” by any means. Since I am stuck having to wear a new pair of sneakers that have special orthotics in them with every outfit I own, my clashing might only get worse as the days and weeks go by.

Today  I  just threw on a dress  that totally clashes with my foot wear. It is kind of messing with my flow–as it  has not been an easy going Friday.  So throwing my feet onto my desk for lunch and writing a fast blog might help?

Yesterday I went to my first PT appointment. I felt like I had Deja-vu–tracing my ABC’s with my big toe, crunching towels, but yay–no big blue rubber band this time. I learned a few new tricks with ice. Now instead of sticking my entire foot into a bucket of ice when I swell up, I am freezing dixie cups with water in them, I can apply the ice back and forth on the tendon, like butter on a corn cobb, with-in minutes I will have numbness and reduction of swelling.

During the appointment, I just felt very aggravated at having to re-do everything I have already done once in physical therapy. However, this time is different. My gate is better and I am much stronger, obviously. My hips are weak. Always having to work on my hips. Yesterday’s PT  made me remember how at one point I seriously thought, “this is it, I’m a cripple forever.” I remembered not being able to walk at all.  I look down at my legs now and there is no more edema or atrophy.  There is just a scar.

I got my shoe inserts too. I am supposed to cook them in the oven at 200* and then mold them to my feet. I was too busy to get that done yesterday, maybe tonight I can cook my inserts. I must admit, today is the first day in a LONG TIME that I can walk with-out pain.  I seriously have minimal pain.  This gives me hope.  If all I have to do is throw fashion out the window–than I am really lucky!!

And today—-I am not limping at all. My weight is distributed equally as I walk. I have no pain.

I learned that this diagnosis is usually treated as an over-use injury. Many many people ( runners) experience tibial tendonitis it at one time in their running career. After learning this little bit of information, I am able to really gauge a time frame to my healing, a realistic time frame. This makes me very happy.  The PT mentioned that my muscles are very strong and with PT 3x a day combined  with a more stable shoe with special inserts, I should be back in no time, running.

I still feel like a character from the Beetle Juice movie–maybe stripes are not my thing. Either way—Im moving forward!


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