Run for your Lives!!

I got down and dirty in June. I ran an obstacle race called “Run For Your Lives” a Zombie Apocalypse fun run. Grouprun

I was so happy being covered in mud! I have never experienced an obstacle race before. I once signed up for the Tough Mudder, but never made it.  I know that the Zombie Run is nothing  in comparison to the Tough Mudder. It sure was fun though.

This fun run was very fitting because the entire time I was healing and sitting in my chair in my living-room, I managed to start watching the Walking Dead on Netflix. So when June 2013 rolled around, I was extremely excited to be getting chased by zombies. What a rush! I didn’t get to meet any Darryl Dixon  bad boy with a Harley and bow, but ya know—it was still fun. If you look close, I am in the front of this group, running for my life with a huge smile plastered on my face amongst the mud and sweat in temps past 95 degrees. Gotta love Denver.

Let me just tell you that doing a low crawl in mud under barb wire ( which my hair did get stuck in) with out getting screamed at by drill sergeants was so sweet! However, doing a low crawl in mud under barb wire with whiny people going real slow and complaining because they are getting muddy—Ill take the screaming drill sergeants any-day. I had a blast. I lost my running partners along the way, something about it being too hot.   Back in June, I discovered that once I start running, if I stop, the pain is horrible and may stop me from even walking. So I set out to start and finish with out stopping. zZombrun

Finish I did! I didnt survive the Apocalypse, but I got through the race. Proudly covered in mud, electrified and shocked along the way. ( that felt like someone punching me dead center in my back–uff)  I was slightly disappointed at the fact that there really was no competition in this run, most people in fact walked in-between obstacles, I think very few people, including myself, were running the entire 5k. Most of them were fat, so they really needed to be running.

Now I know I wont be signing up for fun runs in the future unless it is to raise money for some cause. I like the competition of running. I liked running from zombies too–some of them were intensely creepy.

After experiencing this fun run this past June, I originally planned on setting bigger goals and possibly trying to squeeze in a TRI in 2013. I tried getting my miles back up to 10k plus. I started doing the incline every Sunday, and running down Barr trail. It was going well until my plans were thwarted once again by complications with my ankle. I have not run since July 18th. Some days I can not even walk my dog, due to a diagnosis of Tibialis Tendinitus. I am not sure yet if it is anterior or posterior. I will be going to physical therapy —again.  the good news is, that so far , from what I have read about tibialis tendinitus ,is that it can be fixed with out surgery and with just some more time and strength, I will be able to run my races…if I do it right.

More about that in another post.  I hope that this fun run was not my last run. If it is, than I can at-least say it was a fun one.




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