Garden Run!!!!

I ran in the Garden today. Although this is an old picture, this is the path I took. I stayed on the dirt trails. Paisano was a very happy dog indeed. I am so excited and relieved that I successfully completed a Garden run. I had to walk a few times, as the uneven trail was slightly tricky. Garden

I did not bring the Ipod, as I wanted to hear mother natures music again. I wanted to hear my heartbeat and breathing, I wanted to challenge myself. This is what I have longed for since November 21st. Today was the day I ran in the Garden !! Tomorrow is my birthday and I could not have asked for a better present than this!!

It was two miles of pure joy for me. It was not an easy run, I never expected my first run outdoors to be easy. My motivation is high today and nothing was going to stop me and my mission to complete two miles in my old stomping grounds.

It is a warm sunny day here. The sun gently and persuasively  caressed my sweaty face. The sound of the orange garden dirt and sand skidded under my feet, a lovely sound, dry and harsh,  it was perfect! There was a slight breeze, which cooled my brow and I pushed myself further along the path. Amazingly enough, the hills were not bad, I found that running up the hills was far easier than running down them.

The scenery around me in the Garden has always given me a sense of peace. The Garden of the Gods is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I said to her, ” I am back old friend, you can not keep me away from stomping on your trails, you can not defeat me”.

As usual, my Achilles are tight on both legs. That is a given, since I have not been in a consistent run routine. I experienced pain in the same place, the inside of my ankle. The same pain that feels as if someone is sticking a needle into my bone. At this point, it does not feel as sharp. It feels more like an ache. I pushed forward because I wanted to see if it would go away, or go numb. It did not go away. I also experienced pain in my faciotomy scar area for the first time. I think that might be scar tissue that has attached to the calf muscle.

With the challenging  hills and the trails in the Garden, I gave my atrophied calf a great work out and I am sure my muscles worked harder than they have in many months.  I am happy with the results and I know I will have aches forever. Every runner does.

My toes are numb. I have absolutely no feeling in the toe next to my pinky toe and no feeling in the top of my foot. I can take a pin and poke it into my toe and not feel a thing. This feeling is uncomfortable to me when I run, it is a constant reminder that I have an injury. My hopes are high in that the more I forge forward, the more feeling will slowly return in my foot.

Happy Birthday to me!






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