Mother Natures Crack!

The road has not been easy on this journey. Every day I have set backs, but I keep moving forward as best as I can. I will admit, at times my motivation has been mashed to a pulp by negative thinking, but it never lasts long. There is something to say about the human spirit. I still have loads of it and I am grateful I have made it as far as I have.

After-all, I am beginning to run. I have only run three times. I am happy and excited to share that I have signed up for my first 5K fun run. I am so excited because it is the Zombie Run.We started watching the Walking Dead and there is nothing I would love more than role-playing that show!  I can not wait to get chased by zombies. I am signed up and ready to go on June 29th!

I have a changed perspective on life and living as a result of this experience. I have changed on many levels, both physically and spiritually. I realize, I will probably always have pain for the rest of my life. I may even possibly walk with a limp forever. I have questioned whether I should even run again, many times I have asked if it is worth it. My answer is always YES it is worth it. Like I have mentioned before, even if I lost my leg, I would be out there pounding the dirt with a fake stump. I am in love with running. Spiritually, I am not ready to actually write about that aspect yet.

As a result of getting this infection and having to be pumped with antibiotics and morphine for weeks, my body took an ass kicking on all levels. My frain was bried ( kidding, but my brain really did get fried) and I need to fix it. My organs suffered, my skin, my hair was actually falling out at one point and it was frizzy and dry as a result of the anti-biotic. I had never-ending bags under my eyes which means my liver was working over time. I decided I had to do something to fix it. How could I begin to run again being so weak and sickly?

I started out taking a pro biotic. This helped and I felt a difference in my energy, but not much. The pro-biotic staved off illness, that most assuredly comes after weakening the body with such strong antibiotics. I needed more, a complete change.

I decided to start juicing. I hear nothing but good things about it. I started juicing three weeks ago. Today is my  21st day of juicing and I am now hooked. I am amazed with the changes I have experienced thus far. Juicing

I juice twice a day, in the morning and when I get home from work. I also eat a light lunch and a healthy dinner.  The first thing I noticed after a few days of juicing was that my energy levels were very high. Talk about mother natures crack! I found it! I do not juice to lose weight. That is the last thing I need to do. However, juicing does “clean you out” very thoroughly, hence, I do not “feel” fat anymore. I no longer have bloating or digestion problems.

At around the two-week mark, I noticed my psoriasis  disappearing. I have had this for years and have tried every cream and shot and method available. Nothing keeps it away. I have it on my knee and elbows. It is virtually disappearing and the great thing is that I think it is disappearing from the inside out.  My skin looks and feels better. My hair is very healthy, just after two weeks. I see and feel a difference. If I am seeing and feeling these things in just a few weeks I can only imagine how good it will feel in three months!! So I am hooked.

I also noticed my body getting rid of toxins. Strange things have happened and have come out of my body in strange ways, not to be mentioned in this blog, the body is gross sometimes, but I will do what it takes to get healthier.

I do not think I could do a fast with juicing. I like meat too much, and I know that the vegans and health food junkies swear that meat is bad, but I love my bloody lamb and steak way too much to let it go. However, I pay attention to everything I eat now. I no longer eat processed foods and I cut most sugar out of my diet. I do not even want coffee in the morning. The energy I have after my morning juice is high enough that I do not need caffeine to kick-start my day. Do not get me wrong, I still drink coffee, but now, not as much and with hardly any sugar.

I have also replaced pasta with Quinoa. I do not use bleached flour. I am finding that herbal tea is just as awesome as a candy bar! Well, OK, not as awesome as a candy bar, but it is good.

I can only hope I have reversed some of the damage that has been done to my body. I  feel a lot better both physically and mentally. I plan on continuing with juicing and will now begin a regular weekly run routine. I must keep moving in this direction. I wont slow down, I can not slow down. There is a purpose for me still being here, I believe that now on a very deep level.





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