Not my PR but I am working hard

First two miles!!

I am working hard physically and mentally to reach toward my goal to run a race  by summer. I was so excited that I ran last week and have not had any side effects from running that tonight I reached two miles. It took me 30 minutes. Keep in mind, this is working toward a strait two mile run. It is a quarter mile fast walk, then quarter mile run, then walk, then run. However, I did it. Last week I was at 1.25 miles and it kicked my ass.I have done a lot of walking in-between with the dog.

I had my son’s Ipod on Pandora and I put it on shuffle when the theme song from  Hawaii Five O came on. That was fun fun fun!!

My PR for a two-mile run is actually 14.27  Can I do that again after all this mess? You bet I can and I will. That is almost equal to a seven minute mile. I was Thirty when I reached my personal best run time.   I have a long way to go to get my PR to where I am happy and satisfied. I can not do that with just running itself.

I decided I needed nutritional help as well as over-all body strengthening and special care in my injured area. I am still tender and I can feel the weakness in my hip area when I go to fast on the tread-mill. I continue with my leg lifts and sit ups and all the other stretches and moves I do. In addition to that, I began juicing.

I do not know much about juicing, but I am learning as I go.  As a runner, I used to take Zinc and fish oil. Now I think because of the unbelievable amount of antibiotics I had to inject into my system for a semi long period of time, and my hair started to fall out that I need more. I first started with pro-biotic yogurt and then just went right to taking a pro-biotic vitamin pill. I also eat raw garlic. I have not been sick since the day after Christmas. My hair stopped falling out around the beginning of February.

I want more. So I began juicing. Today I had a drink that I bought it was chia seeds and cherry juice. It was real good. I also juiced half a cucumber, celery , kale and parsley for a green drink. I am interested in what the results will be to juicing. I admit, it is real hard to find food that is not loaded with chemicals and sugar!! I never purchase diet food because its loaded with aspartame.  Everything else seems to have high fructose corn syrup in it. I mean EVERYTHING!

Today was another great day because I ran two miles for the first time. It was great! I will sleep well tonight.






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