March 21, 2013 : The Beginning

Guess what I did today.  I RAN 1.25 MILES!!!!

My rationalization –if I can jump, why can’t I run?

I went to Boulder Running Company for lunch and had them test my running again. I was interested to see what the results would be. Prior to this surgery, I was an over pronator, I way over pronated to the point you could see the wear on rubber soles of my sneakers. Yes, I was past the 15% over-pronation category.

Just getting on the treadmill to test, I swear, got me all crazy excited. It turns out that I do not even over pronate anymore!! I made him double-check to make sure. No over-pronation. WOW! So I guess the Doctor did do more than just give me an infection. I was utterly shocked to hear the fantastic news “you do not over-pronate”. I was believing that everything I went through was all for nothing. Now I know, I do not over pronate and I run quite well.

I was bubbling inside as I walked out of the door with my new Brooks. They are so nice and new. I felt like a kid on Christmas. I was happy all afternoon!

The beginning

The beginning

I came home from work  and contemplated running. That inner voice continued to chatter, “maybe you should do more hip strength exercises and try next week”. It chattered non-stop on the walk with the dog saying, ” maybe you should ask your PT first, and do more strength exercises.”  I was fearful. I knew if I wore them on the walk with Paisano, I would run. So I wore my old runners on the walk. We walked far and fast and I notice, as I do on every walk with my Paisano,  how much stronger I have become.

Once we returned after our walk, I decided to pull the treadmill out of the closet. Just to get it ready, so I told myself.  I dusted him off and drooled. ” Damn”, I thought,” am I really going to do this”?

I did it. I finally told that chatter to shut it and I climbed on to the tread-mill, took a deep breath and did a little over four laps. A combination of walking 1 minute and running 4 minutes for an entire 1.25 miles! I alternated. I felt no pain, other than normal running pains. I sweat and I smiled the whole time.

Even right now, I do not feel anything too much out-of-place. I can feel the strain on my hip and the inside of my ankle hurts a little bit. However, I am not limping. Tomorrow morning shall deliver better results, but for now, I am entirely ecstatic!

I am so excited. I am so so so excited!!! Today was it, the first official day I have run since October 2012.  I could almost cry. Not from pain, but from knowing I made it to this point because I refused to give up. Physically and emotionally I have gone through one hell of a time and I know this is just the beginning, but that first time is always the best!





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