A good soak works every time.

I am lucky to live in the mountains. I can travel short distances to go soak in hot springs filled with warm minerals that promote health and healing for your body, mind and spirit.

I traveled to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs today. The entire trip was wonderful. Not one ounce of negativity existed. In addition,  I was able to see further outside my front door for the first time in a long time.

I have a love affair with Colorado and the only thing missing is Ocean. We have the planes of Colorado, the many different mountain ranges, the passes. All so beautiful to see and take in visually and physically.  The rolling hills,where you can see for miles and miles with nothing in site. The monstrous protruding rocks erecting high above our earth, they make me feel so small, the comfort I feel through the passes, surrounded by tall mountains and all ski, as if God herself is hugging me.  You can go from city, to flat cattle land, to huge mountainous rocks that tower above you. Amazing place to live and experience.

You can look West and see black storm clouds…..


Turn your head to the East to see blue skies and sunshine. All in the same 60 seconds!


Kind of explains a lot about human emotions.  I love where I live!  Today was a great get away. A relaxing soak, a welcome back to a new beginning.

All this past week I have been in pain. My leg has hurt in a number of ways. First, the nerves in my foot shooting pinging pains randomly, as if they are trying to communicate with the nerve synapses in my body, a feeling that hurts, but I know it is my nerves trying to reconnect in my foot. I have not had feeling in the top of my foot and toes since the fasciotomy, until this week. The feeling is beginning to return, and no one said it would feel good. I am just happy to have any kind of feeling in it!  The feeling is returning in my foot and toes and although it hurts, it is coming back! I am happy to feel it and if it has to hurt to get back to normal then I will take as much pain as I have too. This is an incredible move forward for my body.

Second, I have tried to dress appropriately for work and need proper shoes to do so. The shoes do not work. This week, I wore flat shoes that make me feel as if I am walking barefooted. I need more support, like the support of my running shoes. I wore a dress for the first time in months, and had to wear proper shoes. By the end of the day, although mentally I felt “pretty” in a dress and that was nice, but, my body screamed : “what are you doing wearing these shoes”? Pain.  I can not win.

As a result of wearing flat shoes and a cold front that blew through, I have been limping. Bad limping. I did not go to the gym all week. Feeling defeated and needing more rest than usual, it is like one step forward and two steps backward.  So I embraced it and rested all week. I still walked the dog though, he needs me as much as I need him. So I at least kept that consistent.

Third, I have been experiencing popping in my ankle joint. It builds up and then “pops” ! It hurts  up until it pops. It is kind of like if you are cracking your knuckles, except, you have no control over when it happens, and its painful. The pops used to feel wonderful when they first started. Now…they are sharp and painful. I now dread every time they begin, but it feels better after the “pop”. I hope and pray that aspect goes away. Not sure if it ever will go away.

A trip to the hot springs was necessary. I soaked and rested my muscles and bones and joints. I became quiet internally and externally. I enjoyed every single minute. I took in the sounds, the sites, the feelings. The sound of the water, the sight of the steam around me, the feeling of relaxation and warmth.  It was wonderful to hear the trickling water, the rushing stream, the people around me talking. The sight of the mountain, the snow falling into the steam,  and the sunshine and the rain. The feeling of warm water, the earth, all of it combined brought calmness and peacefulness on a deep level.  Unfortunately, there was only a few peeks of sunshine on this trip, we went through, rain, snow, sleet and some sun,  but we still got sun burned!

Climbing up and down the rocks was great! I was careful and I did well, thanks to my physical therapy and the gym work outs, I did well. The hot pools soothed my body and loosened my sore joints. It enlightened my spirit and mood. I need to go more.

hotsprings meandcam






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