Nightmare Bacteria

I read an article from NPR  about a super bug that is causing a problem in the hospitals across the United States.  They are calling this bacteria the “nightmare bacteria”. There has been a dramatic increase in seeing these super bugs in hospitals. (

It is a good read, especially for me, considering my recent experience.

What “bugs” me is that the doctors never could tell me exactly what I had. They said it was a post operative wound infection with gas-producing organism, group A strep considered most problematic. The gas was producing in the soft tissues which caused an urgent debridement  with a fasciotomy. The gas was a result of a group A strep infection, not to exclude mixed infections.

They told me they thought it was a form of necrotizing fasciitis. In the report, it was stated that there was no sign of necrotizing flesh. However, there was some form of infection that had similar qualities to the necrotizing infection. In the report, my CRP were elevated and that just means  that somewhere in my body there was inflammation.

The acute phase response develops in a wide range of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions like bacterial, viral, or fungal infections; rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases; malignancy; and tissue injury or necrosis.(

There are a million questions and maybe’s and possibilities, with not one single answer. Perhaps because I am a healthy person, my system was not compromised by this infection, and so they caught it in time before anything could grab hold of me deeply. I say deeply because that experience was no joke. I can not imagine what could have happened if the infection dug deeper into my body. The hold it had on me to that point it reached,  was already was terrifying enough.

It is impossible to try to understand it, if they do not even know what it was. I can easily just chalk it up to being one “lucky gal”, as the doctors have repeatedly told me, but my mind just has a hard time with lucky. I mean, how can I have just been “lucky” to be alive? Is there not a reason for everyone, every single person for being here? I can accept that it just was not my time to go yet. I can accept that physically, I am a power house of strength and that bacteria infection, what ever kind it was,  had to fight too hard to take me.  I can not accept lucky. Lucky has too many holes in it. Lucky is not consistent.

I was thrown into this and have been working very hard to try to understand exactly what happened, as to not have it repeat ever again in my life. Now with the new “nightmare bacteria” it might be impossible for me to ever step foot into a hospital again, unless I’m in pieces.

Moving forward, I have to accept that I may never have the specific answers I want to have. Like the doctors, I will have to chalk it up to a strange incident. Hanging on to it wont help me improve any quicker. I take extra care on a daily basis with germs. I do not go over board, I still am able to go to the gym, to use public locker rooms. I however, never sit on public toilet seats. I actually never have. I am not sure I will ever be able to under go surgical procedures of any kind  inside a hospital. It might be safer to have one done in the forest at this point.





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