6.5 its good be alive!!!

I can feel myself gaining strength with every step.

I still limp, but not as bad as before. I have better balance but I am not there yet.

I took it easy tonight on the weights and did the routine ” leg spreaders” and other nautilus machines with minimum weight. As a result I did not experience extraordinary pain.

Tonight at the gym, I went nuts on the stationary bike. I managed to pull off 6.5 miles in 30 minutes. I am not sure if that is good for a bike, but I feel fantastic about it. I can not begin to describe how good it feels to be able to be in the gym and to have an elevated heart rate. To experience  sweat on my brow. To breath heavy and push myself. Even if it is on a bike, it is still something. It feels glorious.

The thick, magenta ,dark cloud that was hanging over my head seems to be getting thinner. Having small goals helps with eliminating that cloud. I force myself to go small,for now. My small goal right now is to utilize the gym every day of the week. Knowing that life happens, I will at-least make it to the gym five out of the seven days.

I can not rush my muscles into a healing frenzy. I wish I could. There is no pill or magic that can make me heal quicker. I still have to learn patience and how to embrace the moment. It is harder than one thinks to do that. Especially for me, but I keep trying. Seeing other people run motivates me to not want to rush and to allow my muscles and my bones to properly heal with time. I will never make it to another race or back to my long runs if I do not give my body time.

As for today, I am elated because I have not completed six miles of anything since my last run in October 2012!!!  That is something to be very excited about.


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