Patient Paisano

Today was a wonderful day. For the first time since November 21st, I took my five-year old Weimaraner, Paisano, for a short walk.  I think he almost pee’d himself when I finally uttered the words” wanna go for a walk?”  Looking into his amber eyes, watching me reach for his leash, the dust flew off from the lead and powdered the air, his eyebrows raised and a tiny wine escaped his throat in a gasp. Yes this is real, yes we shall walk my dear friend. Yes indeed.walk

Dogs are amazing gifts. I remember when I came back from the hospital, he knew I was sick.The first thing he did upon my return was smell my leg. He was so happy when I returned after the six long days of being gone..  You see, Paisano is a rescue dog.  He faced and escaped a premature entry into the gates of rainbow bridge. He has a long scar too.

His story is a sad one.  One day, his human took him for a walk and he was attacked by a boxer, who managed to get out of his gated yard. Paisano ended up getting over 30 stitches in his face and a damaged salivary gland. The owners just wanted to put him down. It was cheaper to kill him then pay the 1000 dollar vet bill. Apparently, he was scheduled to be turned over to the rescue prior to this event. I understand people and families all have circumstances to deal with. However, I am not sure how anyone could even imagine doing such a thing to Paisano, after getting to know him, scars, drool  and all, he is the most amazing and mellow Weimaraner I have ever met.

We took Paisano in to our home as a foster dog. Paisano came to us afraid and confused and with a blue tube around his neck. He was home sick and sad, you could tell he did not understand the disruption in his life. Slowly, we healed him and gained his trust. We showered him with lots of love, patience,tenderness and treats. We helped him learn to walk without fear of other dogs and with his anxiety of being on a leash. We put him on a healthier diet and worked towards losing weight so he could feel better. We train with him daily, and  have taught him to dance on his hind legs when we say “dance Paisano,dance.”  He is a wonderful addition to our family, drool and all!!!  He was saved from a premature entry in to the rainbow bridge simply because he had a ripped up face. He escaped that fate too.  He has a scar too. Might I state, a beautiful scar.

He soon became my number one running partner. He has stamina and smarts when running. He would stay right at my side when running, he kept pace and I could even let go of the leash, he would keep pace with me. Incredible runner he is. It has been such a long time since we have run and I know he misses it as much as I do. Tonight, I just wanted to BURST into a run as I walked him. It is amazing because I think he felt the same way! However, it is far too soon for that at this point. Incredible what will power and determination can do to you. Soon we will run. My mind can not wait to run, my body needs time. Paisano can  not wait either.letrunma

When I returned from the hospital, he wouldn’t leave my side. He knew something was not right  in our home after I was gone for a week. Upon my return, he licked my toes, he  sniffed right to the location of my injury and communicated his concern. He would curl up next to me, even mindful of how he approached the couch, slow and gentle, knowing I was injured. He knew. It is amazing how animals know something is wrong. I took the picture below after my incision healed, he was licking my leg, because I believe he knows, on some kind of dog level, he is saying “you took care of me, I will now take care of you.” paisanoleg

Today was an incredible move forward. As I looked into his amber eyes I saw pure burning excitement when I grabbed his harness and leash. He could not contain himself in his goofy weimaraner way. He practically hopped like a rabbit!! Paisano is a 85 lb ghost dog, he is all muscle. Our walk was splendid. He did not pull too much in his feverish state of excitement. The best part was seeing him out of control happy with weimaraner elation. Something that I have not seen or felt in a while and it  is a good sign , a good sign indeed.


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