My Milagros

My Milagro

A Milagros was given to me today. I feel very grateful. Milagros is Spanish for Miracle. Some cultures believe these Milagros are endowed with spiritual powers and when offered to a Saint, they can help heal and preserve a persons well-being. I have heard of shrines and I have seen a picture of a shrine in Mexico where people place their Milagros, but it was a memory lost until now. I feel grateful this was given to me today. Milagros are a physical representation of prayer. This cultural tradition has been around for over two thousand years!

I received this Milagros because I bought a chiminea today. Since I am such a homebody lately, and I love my fires, I bought a beautiful chiminea with a sun and a lizard carved on it. I went to a locally owned store, in fact, it is one of my favorite stores in the area, everything in it is from Mexico and the store just has a deep positive vibe. As I was in the store, the owner assisted me. He kept asking me what happened to my leg. I told him it was a surgery. I usually just tell curious people who ask what happened to me, that I had surgery. This gentleman asked me a couple of times. I guess he didn’t believe me. When I was cashing out, I told him the story of what happened. Before I finished, he handed me a Milagros. He explained what a Milagros was and how it is a way to pray for healing.  He told me to go pray and place it on a Saint in the church.  My Milagros is a silver charm in the shape of a leg. I am eager to find a Catholic church in the area that will not remove it once I place it on a Saint. I hope the church I have in mind has St. Francis.  Before I go do that,  I have to find a special string or material to use  so I can hang it. Whoa, what a feeling!!! This is a sign that all the angels are watching over me. I would never second guess it.  I know that everything is going to be OK.

We had a fire in our chiminea tonight. It was a beautiful fire that completed the day. The sky was clear and the simplicity of it was exciting.  The gift of the Milagros is just another sign that I have angels, I can not ignore the signs.  I  felt very grounded and not so alone in this universe as the sun set and the stars raised and the warmth from the fire surrounded me. I embraced all of it and I am grateful.


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