This is my documented journey to run again. I love running. Recently in November 2012, I had to have surgery on my Talus Dome bone as a result of a fracture. http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00170 The outpatient surgery turned into a nightmare. I ended up contracting a rare infection called necrotizing faciitus  or flesh eating infection. http://www.medicinenet.com/necrotizing_fasciitis/article.htm

I have never been one to sit still for long. As a single mother to a nine year old boy and a five year old Weimaraner, I am always busy and eager to find new adventures, a new race to enter and enjoy living life with all its challenges.

This blog is my journey through recovery and toward reaching my goal to once again do what I love doing….running!  This will be my daily/weekly blog on my recovery and my determination to never give up.


“It’s no longer sport, No longer just a game. It has become a way of life. Every breath is a

stride, Every heartbeat a string of silence. It is a compulsion from deep within. It is a

passion for glory. To go through the torment. To last through the waiting. To gain that

one moment, Alone with myself. And only the few, Who chance to strive, Can know the

experience. To hear nothing but breath. To feel nothing but heartbeat. To feel so much like

hell, Running so close to heaven. This is the Runners’ High. This is the feeling I live for. This

is the goal I strive toward. If my chance disappears, Part of my life would end.”

( Unknown Author)

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